About Us

Detroit’s historic buildings are being demolished at a rapid pace. Not often enough does an opportunity come along to preserve a historic building and serve a community. Spirit of Hope is doing just that. The 1925 building, attached to our 1892 historic sanctuary, is ready for revival, but it does not happen without committed believers in Detroit and our comeback. Help us serve hundreds of Detroiters and families every week.

Located at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd in the former Trinity Episcopal Church. The sanctuary, built in 1892 by James Scripps, is a unique Anglo-gothic structure. The Scripps/Booth family helped build up that entire corner of Grand River, Trumbull and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The family then moved to Oakland County and built the Cranbrook communities.

The education building, soon to be home to the new Faith & Family Center, was built in 1926 as a community center including a large floor for education, another floor for a community gymnasium, and a lower level with a large community dining room and kitchen.

Trinity has always been a working class congregation, representing its neighborhood. Today Spirit of Hope has a congregation made up of people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and backgrounds. A mostly low income community, we seek to be relevant to our city, always changing and always reaching out.

“In Detroit Together, Led by Jesus, Fearless and Joyful”

What We Do

Every week approximately 600 people come through the building for food, recovery from substance abuse, children’s or youth programs, urban farming, worship, warm clothing, HIV testing, fellowship and more. We are already the community center for our area, and want to save the building that we might continue to do the work we have been called and are excited about doing with our neighbors.

  • Spirit’s Table – Worship, Saturdays at 5 p.m.
  • Serve more than 400 meals per week.
  • Home to seven 12-step and recovery meetings.
  • Serving 60 families weekly in our food pantry.
  • LGBT affirming
  • HIV Prevention and Safer Sex Kit Distribution.
  • North Corktown community space.
  • Spirit Farm Urban Garden - Four city lots into now a productive local food source and educational center.
  • Working against and confront the evils of racism, classism, sexism and homophobia.
  • Create a safe space for those who have been ridiculed, abused or used by other faith communities, for any reason.
  • Witness to the living unconditional love of Jesus Christ!

What do your dollars do?

With this renovation the building will become handicap accessible, add several bathrooms, update entrances and reconfigure classrooms and offices for contemporary early childhood and neighborhood service. New electrical drops, a new parking lot and updated plumbing will transform the space into a more welcoming, useful and attractive place for all.

Total cost: $550,000

As of January, more than half of the funds are secure, and more partners are coming on board. But we are not there yet. We need you! Detroit needs you! Our families need you!

When a project is this big, every dollar and every donor is important. Even donations you may consider small go a long way in showing the kind of support and love we are receiving from our partners and community.

You can also Pledge!

If you cannot donate now, but want to pledge for a year or two-year long donation, please contact us at:

Pledges help us know what we can expect over the coming year to help us pay any loans necessary to finish construction. Contact us to know more.

Large Gift Opportunities

If you would like to contribute and name a room at Spirit of Hope

You can contact us at

$30,000+ The Dining Hall:

In our dining space over 400 meals are served and baskets are given to 60 families every week who need a hand to get by. Food harvested from the garden is processed, neighbors plan development and people gather for recovery from addiction in this space. A wall with a plaque and information will be placed by a donor.

$40,000+ The Gymnasium:

Forward thinking developers in 1925 made sure the neighborhood would be served with a space for athletics for generations to come. Have this gymnasium named with a plaque and sign for our local basketball teams, badminton and yoga classes to see each time they gather.

$50,000+ The Park:

Spirit of Hope’s playground and park are known throughout the neighborhood. The park will receive a new sign with your gift. A regular summer gathering space for neighborhood meetings, worship and garden activities, this park brightens up a major entrance to the Midtown and Downtown areas of our city.

$100,000+ The Education Building:

The three story education building from 1925 is anchored by a brand new Head Start early childhood center. Framed by the gymnasium above and the dining hall below, the center will serve at-risk families in our neighborhood and city. Always a neighborhood center, the tradition continues in the historic limestone building with hand-carved stone and beautiful architecture. The outside and inside entrance areas will be marked with the name of the donors.

Our Affiliates

Matrix Head Start

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Southeast Michigan Synod, ELCA

Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

The Episcopal Church